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Here's Your Perfect
Here's Your Perfect.jpg
Nickname: Wales's Most unrecognized song, Something Beautiful, Written in LA, Traveller's Ballad
Lead musician (s)United Kingdom Wales Jamie Miller
Featurette(s)United States/California Salem Ilese
MastermindUnited Kingdom Wales Jamie Miller
HenchmanUnited Kingdom/England MNEK
Other songwriter(s)United States/California Noise Club
United States/ Asia Whitacre
Released[[]], 2021
Recording labelUnited States Atlantic Records
( seconds)
DebutAsian Pop 40, (Wk. 93)
June 12, 2021
Final appearance, (Wk. )
[[]], [[]]
First winThe 30 Most Wanted Hits, (Wk. 100)
August 3, 2021
Last win, (Wk. )
[[]], [[]]
Starts Wins 2nd Last
24 1 1
Debut in the Top 40Wk. ,
Best results, (Wk. )
Biggest jumpWk. , , Increase
Biggest fallWk. , , Decrease
Worst results, (Wk. )
Eliminated in the Top 40(Wk. )
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Here's Your Perfect is a First song from Jamie Miller, who also the song's Mastermind, This is the first for Wales since no musicians sang any unrecognized song for the Country, Dua Lipa representing England, Lewis Capaldi for Scotland and Northern Ireland's JC Stewart (who not won any songs and his country) all performed for the countries of the United Kingdom alongside Dermot Kennedy and Sarah McTiernan from Ireland to formed the Combined British Isles, but Wales waiting 93 weeks to have one.

Miller won The 30 Most Wanted Hits in Week 100 becoming the First unrecognized song sang by a Welshman to win the charts coming from Fourth on the grid last week to win on his 24th career start, also won in Laoag's Bullsi Top 20 on his 38th start ended the domination of SB19's Mapa in the city and his 14 chart winless streak.

He also released a remix version featuring Mad at Disney lead and Build A Bitch mastermind Salem Ilese as part of The New Dozen for 99.5 Play FM and Mobil 1 as Number nine.