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Eurovision Extra is the segment of Arcade Music Top 40, This segment is focused on Unknown Eurovision personalities that never see or heard of that appeared on Jonathan Vautrey's New Music section on Wiwibloggs every Sunday night, The personalities involved are from Contestants from the Main Eurovision song contest, Junior Eurovision and the National Finals.

The artists are called Unknown Eurovision Artist or UEA, and this not included mastermind or Lead songwriters.

Notable artists[]

Main contests[]

  • Belarus Ruslan Alekhno-"Hasta La Vista" (2008 Belarussian representative, finished 17th in the semi-finals)
  • Switzerland DJ Bobo "Vampires are Alive" (2007 Swiss representative, finished 20th in the semifinals)
  • Latvia Intars Busulis- "Probka" (2009 Latvian representative, Finished last in the Semifinals)
  • Moldova ConnectR-"Loca" (2006 Moldavian representative, as part of Arsenium, finished 20th)
  • France Patrick Fiori-"Mama Corsica" (1993 French representative, finished 4th)
  • Romania Elena Gheorghe
  • Ukraine Tina Karol- "Show Me Your Love" (2006 Ukrainian representative, finished 7th)
  • Republic of Ireland Sarah McTernan- "22" (2019 Irish representative)
  • Germany Max Mutzke-"Can't Wait Until Tonight" (2004 German representative, finished 8th)
  • Israel Lior Narkis- "Words of Love" (2003 Israeli representative, finished 19th)
  • Croatia Boris Novković-"Vukovi umiru sami" (2005 Croatian representative, finished 11th)
  • Russia Natalia Podolskaya –"Nobody Hurt No One" (2005 Russian representative, finished 15th)
  • Norway Red Moon-"A Monster Like Me" (formerly known as Debra Scarlett, 2015 Norwegian representative, finished 8th)
  • Israel NOA and Mira Awad-"There Must Be The Other Way" (2009 Israeli representatives, finished 16th)
  • Hungary Magdi Rúzsa-"Unsubstantial Blues" (2007 Hungarian representative, finished 9th)
  • Morocco Samira Said - "Bitakat Hob" (Only representative from Morocco in 1980)
  • Spain Soraya- "La noche es para mi" (2009 Spanish representative, finished 24th)
  • Russia Elena Temnikova-"Song #1" (Member of Serebro, 2007 Russian representative, finished Third)
  • France Amaury Vassili- "Sognu" (2011 French representative, finished 15th)

National finals[]

  • Spain Aitana-"Arde" (2018 Spanish National finalist, finished 2nd, Featurette for Katy Perry's Resilient which appeared in Baguio's K-Lite charts.)
  • Ukraine Max Barskih-"Dance" (2012 Ukraine National finalist, finished 2nd)
  • Norway Big Daddy Karsten- "Smile" (2021 Melodi Grand Prix Contestant)
  • Norway Carina Dahl-"Hold Me Down" (Three-time Melodi Grand Prix participant)
  • Switzerland ILIRA-"Home" (2011 Swiss National finalist, finished 3rd)
  • Australia Jaguar Jonze-"Rabbit Hole" (2020 Australian National finalist, finished 6th)

Junior Eurovision[]

  • Netherlands Femke Meines-"Tik Tak Tik" (2012 Dutch representative for Junior Eurovision Song Contest, finished 7th)


  • The earliest representative is Samira Said ( (1958-01-10) January 10, 1958 (age 63)), she is also the Oldest in the Unknown Eurovision artists.
  • Most prominent year is 2009, There are Four representing Three countries, Noa and Mira Awad representing Israel, Intars Busulis representing Latvia and Soraya Arnelas representing for Spain.
  • The most recent UEA is Elisa who representing Portugal in Last year's cancelled contest.

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